Health Tourism

Health tourism

Private Mediva Medical Center Health Tourism

Health Tourism aims to provide individuals with access to health services, wellness activities and rehabilitation services that constitute a healthy life; Tuzim is what they do to leave the country they live in and visit another country to meet their health needs.

We can categorize health tourism under 3 main headings.

1. Medical Tourism (treatment and surgery in hospitals, etc.)
2. Thermal Tourism (services such as rehabilitation and recreation in Thermal Facilities)
3. Elderly and Disabled Tourism (Long-term stays with social activities in a geriatric treatment center or plateaus)
As Private Mediva Medical Center, we serve to be the pioneer of Health Tourism in Bingöl with the Health Tourism unit we established within ourselves. We define the needs of foreign patients in the best possible way with the patient-oriented approach we offer to our patients. We aim to provide the most accurate service both medically and operationally.
Bingöl Private Mediva Medical Center has been designed to provide international services in the field of Health Tourism with its technological infrastructure and expert staff. It stands out in the field of health tourism, especially with its ENT Surgery, Physical Therapy, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Dental Polyclinics services.
As Bingöl Private Mediva Medical Center, our priority is; Our aim is to ensure that our foreign patients go through their diagnosis and treatment processes in the most peaceful and comfortable way. Bingöl Private MEdiva Medical Center International Health Unit Department also provides guidance services in planning the visits of patients and their relatives coming from abroad and in the implementation of treatment processes.
Services we offer by our International Health Tourism Unit:
Patient requests are taken together with medical reports and a treatment plan is created by our doctors.
Planning appointments and treatment duration
Visa procedures and flight ticket organization planning
Providing patient transfer between Airport Arrival - Hotel - Private Mediva Medical Center - Airport Departure
Ambulance Services
Preparation of Medical Reports in the requested language
English and German translation service
Post-treatment follow-up support

Why Bingöl for Health Tourism?

Bingöl is a tourism resort that has begun to be discovered with its untouched nature, clean air, its honey and other local delicacies, which have been selected many times in the world, and its quality thermal spas. Due to its geographical location, it is at a crossroads and is close to many cities.
Our patients who plan and continue their treatment can take a health holiday for a holiday experience they have never had before. You can contact our international patient unit to plan your treatment and holidays simultaneously.
Our institution, Private Mediva Medical Center, which aims to be the first in the field of Health Tourism in Bingöl, works with great effort to treat our guests in the best way and plan their holidays. We continue on this path with our mission of the Door to Health, with the principle of providing all our foreign patients with the best holiday and health control.

Private Mediva Medical Center is a medical center with a total closed area of 2500 m2, equipped with the latest technologies that can meet all kinds of medical and comfort needs.

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