Responsibilities of Patients and Their Relatives

1) General Responsibilities

1.1 People should do their best to take care of their own health and follow the advice given for a healthy life.

1.2. If the person is eligible, he can donate blood or donate an organ.

1.3. In simple cases, people should take care of themselves.

2) Social Security Status

2.1. Patient; must report changes in their health, social security and personal information in a timely manner.

2.2. Patient; He/she must obtain his/her health certificate (such as Bağ-kur, Green Card) on time.

3) Informing Healthcare Professionals

3.1. Patient; He/she must give full and complete information about his complaints, previous illnesses, whether he has received any inpatient treatment, the medications he is currently using, if any, and all information about his health.

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