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What is HGB?
Hemoglobin, known as HG or HGB, is one of the types of proteins responsible for carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. This component consists of 4 different protein molecules linked together. Moreover, it shows different values in babies, pregnant women and adults. While the iron component it contains is responsible for the functioning of the body, it also gives the blood its red color. In addition, these HGB values are also responsible for maintaining the shape of red blood cells.

What is low hemoglobin?
Low hemoglobin levels are called "low red blood count" or "anemia" according to medical science. In short, if red blood cells are at lower levels than normal, the first thing to consider is anemia. So, what causes anemia? The main causes of anemia can be discussed as follows;
· Kidney failure,
Bone marrow related problems,
· Nutritional deficiencies,
Blood loss (stomach ulcer, colon cancer, surgery, traumatic injury)
Abnormal hemoglobin structure
Some drugs used in cancer patients

How to fix low HGB?
Treatment of low HGB can be examined in different methods. Blood tests, diet and medication supplements are some of the methods used during treatment. HGB values can be easily determined during a routine blood test. The real cause of anemia is revealed through physical examination, disease history and various other blood tests. In the actual treatment of the disease, medication supplements and a healthy diet program are recommended. If hemoglobin levels are extremely low, the doctor must prescribe an iron or vitamin supplement. Supplementation should be prescribed. In addition, in order for the treatment to provide a radical solution, other diseases that cause low HGB values must also be treated.

If the HGB blood level is not too low and can be controlled with nutrition, a healthy diet program is recommended. Red meat, oysters, shrimp, green leafy vegetables, corn flakes, dried apricots and raisins are among the food options with iron content. However, a diet program and medication supplements will not balance HGB values instantly. In other words, it may be necessary to wait for a few months for the values to return to normal. At this stage, it is important to constantly try to consume iron-rich nutrients. For all questions about low HGB, help should be sought from a specialist physician, the causes of low HGB should be investigated, and all factors that trigger the disease should be tried to be resolved.

What is high hemoglobin?
High levels of HGB are not as common as low levels. However, in some cases, high values can also be tested. It is quite normal to have higher hemoglobin measurements, especially in people who live at high altitudes and have smoked continuously for many years. Apart from this, high measurement values may also occur due to dehydration. However, this situation reaches normal values again as a result of fluid balance being restored. In addition, advanced lung diseases, various tumors and bone marrow disorder known as "polycythemia rubra vera" are also among the causes of high hemoglobin.

Why is HGB blood test done?
The reasons why your doctor may request an HGB blood test can be listed as follows;
· Shortness of breath
· Weakness
· Headache
· Tiredness
· Fainting
· Bruising on the skin
· Visual disorders

What should be the hemoglobin -HGB?
HGB varies in babies depending on their growth stage.
Newborn: 13.5 -24 gm/dL
· 1 month: 10-20 gm/ dL
· 1-2 months: 10-18 gm/ dL
· 2-6 months: 9.5 - 14 gm/dL
0.5 to 2 years: 10.5-13.5 gm/dL
Males 12-18 years old: 13-16 gm/dL
Females 12-18 years old: 12-16 gm/dL
· Men after 18 years of age: 13.6 – 17.7 gm /dL
· Women after 18 years of age: 12.1- 15.1 gm/dL
Middle-aged men: 12.4 – 14.9 gm/dL
Middle-aged women: 11.7 – 13.9 gm/dL

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