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Emergency Polyclinic

Emergency Polyclinic
Our Medical Center's emergency department operates 24 hours a day with an experienced and dynamic staff.

The emergency service is supported by all branches available in the medical center during the day, and is supported by physicians on duty in their own units within the hospital at night.

The emergency department, equipped with modern medical devices, has an observation area for 4 people with bedside monitors, and the first treatment and observations of patients are carried out here. Apart from this, there is a trauma room, a resuscitation room, a small intervention room and an examination room.

In the emergency department, all kinds of tests and radiological examinations are performed as quickly as possible, 24 hours a day.

A trained and experienced allied health team is at your service at any time.

Our medical center provides you with health support and advanced first aid support by working in communication with the Ministry of Health 112 Emergency Services Command and coordination center in cases of urgent and advanced health needs.

Referral procedures for our patients in intensive care or advanced operational conditions are also provided through the Ministry of Health 112.

Services provided as Emergency Service in our Medical Center:

1. All Urgent Initial Applications
2. All Green Area Inspections
3. All Kinds of Injuries, Fractures, Dislocations
4. All Kinds of Burns
5. All kinds of Internal Initial Applications
6. Interventions such as Injection, Dressing, Serum Insertion, Catheterization, and Removal

Private Mediva Medical Center is a medical center with a total closed area of 2500 m2, equipped with the latest technologies that can meet all kinds of medical and comfort needs.

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