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What is MRI (MRI)?
Emar (mr); It is a technique that uses radio waves and provides detailed imaging of organs and tissues in the body. With the development of technology and the increasing importance given to health conditions, health institutions have become better equipped.

Nowadays, many diseases can be detected in a short time and treated with appropriate treatment methods before they progress. They create detailed images as a result of the MRI scans, and a computer is used for this process. In the face of developing medical devices, the MRI system began to be used in two different ways.

Open MRI and closed MRI are called MRI. Open MRI is mostly used for people with claustrophobia and overweight people. MRI scans do not cause any harm to people; on the contrary, they are one of the methods that provide detailed information.

With medical devices and imaging quality, even the inside of bones can be examined in depth. Emar prices depend on whether the hospital is public or private.

Why is MRI (MRI) taken?
MRI scans are performed in line with the complaints of the patients. Among the reasons for MRI withdrawal: MRI scans are also requested in cases such as imaging of soft tissues, wanting to look inside in case of a problem with the skull, brain tumor or brain hemorrhage.

MRI scans are also performed when organs such as the heart, liver, kidney and muscle, which have important functions within the body, are desired to be viewed in detail, as well as in the diagnosis of breast cancer and internal organ diseases. MRI prices are updated every year and MRI prices depend on the number of regions to be imaged.

How to Take MRI (MRI)?
Before the MRI scan, the patient is asked to wear a suitable apron and stand still on the table. In order to achieve healthy and reliable results, the patient should never have any metal objects on him. After all preparations are completed, the patient is inserted into the MRI device.

A specially designed device is placed on the area to be examined. This device, called the coil device, is designed separately for each region.

Then, the technician adjusts the area to be examined so that it is inside the device and the patient is asked not to move in any way. Duration may vary depending on the shooting process.

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Shooting a single area or shooting several areas at the same time is done in approximately 20-60 minutes. MRI prices depend on the imaging region.

What are the advantages of Emar (MR)?
MRI devices used today do not contain any harmful substances or radiation. For this reason, many diseases can be diagnosed thanks to MRI devices, which are very advantageous. The human body and all its tissues are examined and depicted in detail.

Along with the diagnostic procedures to be performed thanks to MRI devices, the reasons leading to the diagnosis are also determined in detail. This plays a major role in treating the disease with appropriate methods before it progresses.

What should be done before coming for MRI scan?
MRI scans may vary from person to person. For this reason, some patients can have MRI scans under anesthesia. If an MRI is to be performed under anesthesia, the patient must come without any medication and on an empty stomach. Especially since babies or young children experience claustrophobia, these patients are given anesthesia.

Apart from this, patients who are not given anesthesia can move more easily and come to the shooting on a full stomach. During the MRI scan, all patients are asked to wear an apron and lie on their back on the table.

Patients should never wear necklaces, earrings, belt-style jewelry and accessories. Because these metal items may reduce the image quality during shooting.

One of the most important things that patients should pay attention to during MRI scans is that they must wait motionless during the imaging. In this way, the results of patients who comply with the rules appear in the form of the most accurate and clear images. Image imaging prices should be learned and imaging should be done.

What is the Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)?
MRI, or magnetic resonance, provides detailed imaging of the organs and tissues in the body. Thanks to the device and radio frequencies that create a strong magnetic environment in the system room, water and fat tissue in the body are mobilized and recorded.

Then, as a result of the evaluations, the images are transferred to the computer environment. All organs and tissues in the body are tried to be evaluated from every angle. And images are taken during all these processes. MRI prices are informed to patients before the shooting.

In Which Situations Is It Necessary to Have an MRI?
All fields of medicine may need it. The areas where it is most needed are; MRIs are needed in orthopedics, neurology and cardiovascular diseases. Mr. has achieved significant success especially in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases.

Since MRI examination is used in accurate diagnosis procedures, it may be requested in case of illnesses or accidents of people. Before the MRI scan, the relevant branch physician sends the patient for an MRI in line with his complaint.

For this reason, MRI is performed for all joint problems, injuries, damage to the ligament and muscle systems, tumors, fractures, dislocations, osteoporosis, etc. MRI prices vary depending on the characteristics of the region to be examined.

Reasons for MRI (MRI)
MRI is performed in difficult situations such as looking inside the skull and brain hemorrhages, soft tissue imaging, breast cancer diagnosis, detailed organ scanning, heart and internal organ diseases.

Does Emar Have Disadvantages?
MRI scans do not have any negative effects on human health. Warning patients about what to pay attention to before the shooting and being careful in this regard will prevent possible accidents.

The only disadvantage of MRI scans is that they are an expensive procedure. For this reason, it would be better to inform patients about MRI prices before the procedure.

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